Trough our licensed partners we undertakes the valuation of all kinds of immovable property in Cyprus. Specifically, we provide commercial, residential and rural property valuations to banks, property companies, developers, investors, law firms, and individuals.

Additionally, we successfully advise many prominent law firms as expert witnesses in court proceedings.

Many of our clients seek our advice to maximise their returns through property investments and to establish themselves in the property market.

The main reasons why someone may need a valuation in Cyprus are the following:

  • To use it with a bank for financing, restructuring, Asset swap, and Estia purposes
  • To get the market value when a buyer or a seller is involved in a property transaction
  • For regulatory reasons as accounting requirements will request it
  • For taxation purposes when negotiating a valuation with tax authorities
  • When disputes arise in divisions of property, divorce cases, in property exchanges, rent control law, etc.

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